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Legends exist in every nook and cranny of the known world, but there is something remarkable to be said about the legends of the Shifters. These half-human, half-animal cross-breeds have faced more than their fair share of danger and loss. True to their nature, however, they have continued against all odds and, ultimately, have created for themselves a rather impressive self-sufficient state.

For centuries, the Felines and Canines were at war. Not just any war, but a fight so deadly that hundreds had been killed. Chaos reigned unchallenged. The laws of the Shifters' society had been destroyed; forgotten - and new rules were forged in the fire and blood of battle. In this age, the Shifters did not listen to talks of peace, and instead only hungered for battle. The war had gone on for too long and it was nearing a close when disaster struck. An earthquake triggered both a volcanic eruption and a tsunami on separate sides of the island: lava and watery debris coated the land. Wildfires chased the Shifters, Feline and Canine alike, from their homes. They were forced to flee for their lives.


After the devastation left on the old island, the Shifters travelled North to the coast, where they reunited. Boats were built so that they could cross the seas. Thus, the new island was found. It looks, so far, like a much safer home than the old island - but who knows what dangers could be lurking within its depths? You never know until something goes wrong...

In the mostly peaceful days of now, the Shifters must work to build their society to the height it once sat at. They must be united - no more prejudices against others. To put aside their differences and create a civilisation better than any in their history - that is the goal.






















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